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A CleanAir Greece

                            Jonathan Martin and Jonas Kuehl

A CleanAir Greece is a project tackling a major problem regarding the Greek public health: non-compliance with smoke-free laws in public places (venues, indoor offices, health care facilities etc).

The core of the project is to provide an online easy-to-fill-out questionnaire to help you report and map on the spot public places that are not complying with the smoke-free laws.

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​Greek Smoke-free Laws

  • WHAT: Any consumption of tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited

  • WHERE: inside all public places, including outside covered and enclosed areas

  • EXCEPTION: separated smoking areas are allowed in casinos and public places with live music (bars, nightclubs) larger than 300m²

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It's your turn to fill out the reporting questionnaire online!

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Why secondhand smoke?

A CleanAir Greece is not designed for preventing individuals from smoking. Rather to reduce the effects of passive smoke on non-smokers. Scientific evidence has indeed unequivocally established that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. It is likely to directly cause deaths, diseases and disabilities among individuals. Moreover, societies and health care systems can also indirectly suffer from it. Ensuring totally smoke-free environments in public places is therefore the only way for protecting the general public and the societies from the damages of secondhand smoke.


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